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In equine therapy, there are great differences in quality. Willi has spent more than $ 30,000.00 the past two years on education and training to make sure he can offer horses the best possible treatment every single day and still he is doing numerous apprenticeships. In addition, Willi has gained countless of hours of practical experience on the most different horses and is in an ongoing exchange with international universities, research institutes, veterinarians, equine therapists, trainers, athletes, and horse owners.


During his apprenticeships, Willi focused on different horses from various disciplines such as Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, Polo, Racing, and Classical Dressage (Anja Beran, Richard Hinrichs, Philippe Karl), as well as Police Horses and Stallions from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Due to his great passion and attention to detail, Willi quickly recognized anomalies and tension patterns on horses from specific disciplines and developed approaches to treat horses the best possible way with outstanding results.

Willi works with all kind of horses and has specialized himself over time in competition horses from dressage and showjumping. Due to his extraordinary results, Willi already was entrusted with high-level competition horses from numerous FEI top 50 athletes such as Martin Fuchs, Philipp Weishaupt, Hans-Dieter Dreher, and Carina Cassoe Krüth during his apprenticeships and asked to support horses on international competitions on Grand Prix (CDI) and World Cup (CSI 5*) niveau. Willi understands how to adjust horses for their specific competition and let them perform even better with their rider.

Results speak for themselves.

Are you ready to go the next step?

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