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"Willi takes a lot of time to analyze the horse and explains every step of his treatment in detail. Willi has in-depth knowledge and an incredibly good feel for horses. I'm convinced that his support makes an important contribution to the success of horse and rider."
-- Maike Hoeck, Germany

"We have tried a lot with one of our horses, various vets and clinics, Equitron, Nordian light therapy etc. but he has only really felt well since Willi started treating him. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have you! You have magic hands and we thank you for your dedication and always being so kind to us."
-- Larissa Teichmann, Germany

"Willi has already been able to have such a positive and lasting effect on the movements of my two horses after his first treatment that I have never experienced with any other therapist before. In addition, his sensitive handling of the horses and his extensive specialist knowledge set him apart. I cannot wait to continue working with him."
-- Daniela Dossmann, Germany

"I have tried so many things: Aquatrainer, Equitron, all kinds of therapies and therapists. But since Willi Schoenung started treating my horse, things have been constantly improved! Apart from his magical hands, I am also fascinated by his extensive knowledge. I am simply grateful to have Willi at our side."
-- Andrea Ruecker, Germany

"I was very lucky to get to know Willi. After a very professional analysis, Willi quickly found out what was wrong with our horse. The way the horses respond and react to his treatment is very impressive. After the first treatment, the horse's gait and mobility were already much better. In the days that followed, both rider and trainer had visible and noticeable improvements. After a few appointments, the quality of his work is even clearer. I can highly recommend him."
-- Bernd Rupp, Germany

"Willi worked intensively with our dressage horse for a long time and treated him very carefully, competently and successfully. He has a tremendous amount of in-depth knowledge, empathy and sensitivity. He found the critical areas immediately and improved them significantly after just one session. We are very much looking forward to working with him again!"
-- Maike Schmitt, Germany

"Willi is an empathetic, patient and extremely competent therapist, full of knowledge and joy for what he does and who takes the necessary time especially for the horses, but also for the owners. I have great confidence in his knowledge and expertise. And I am always amazed at how committed he is to thinking about the individual subject areas and continuing his training (true to the motto: standing still means going backwards) and always has helpful suggestions and impulses to offer in addition to the technical topics. With Willi, the horses are in the best hands in the truest sense of the word."
-- Tina Zwick, Germany

"Willi approaches the horses with calm and patience and practically asks them if they want to get engaged with him. He questions the rider's feelings and adapts 100% to the horse in question. In addition, he always has an open ear for any questions after the treatment and he proactively enquires about the horse's development. His confident and respectful manner, his reliability and his love of horses make him an important personality in equestrian sport.
It's great that you're there for us, Willi."
-- Pia Sedlmeyr, Germany

"My Icelandic horse needed manual therapy to recover from an injury and I am glad to have come across Willi Schoenung. From the first few minutes Willi impressed me with his deep understanding of the horse (and the owner) and his needs. My pony sometimes finds it difficult to relinquish control and "let go". But Willi respects every horse's personality. His empathetic manner and professional approach demonstrate to his extensive in-depth knowledge and deep passion for this work. He takes enough time to take a thorough medical history, observes the horse carefully and carries out a thorough treatment. Afterwards, Willi is always available to answer questions and actively asks for feedback on the horse's condition. I am very grateful for the outstanding care my horse receives from Willi. I am already looking forward to the next appointment and am optimistic about the coming months of my pony's recovery."
-- Silke von Rahden, Germany

"Willi treated our show jumpers and there was already an improvement after the first treatment. We could already see a visible improvement in problem areas during the treatment, with Willi explaining the connections and effects and giving us solutions and tips for further training and handling our loved ones. We are delighted with the cooperation and are very confident that we can work together on the weak points in order to better understand the horses and thus also be able to train them better."
-- Petra Lupp, Germany

"It was great to see how calmly and clearly Willi approaches the horse. He takes a lot of time and responds individually to the needs and use of each sport horse and also follows the development of the horse and rider afterwards."
-- Jessica Lane, Germany

"He takes a lot of time. You can tell from his work how connected he is to the horses. I have rarely seen a person who is so incredibly good with horses (even with those that don't let everyone get close to them). He is all about the horse and the passion behind is huge."
- Sarah Schneller, Germany

"I am very satisfied, my horse now moves much more freely. Willi takes the time to look at the whole horse and respond to its needs. It creates a calming atmosphere and the horses relax. He also provides very clear explanations for the horse owner so that you can understand everything!"
-- Kim Kohlbacher, Germany

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